vmware online training in India:

Aurora provide best VMware online training. Every one claims that they are best in this training. May you got tired of disguising, How one VM ware training provider will be different from other one ? Let’s make a quick look at the options we get from this VMware online training program.

  • We takes you through the entire VMware course from basic to advanced by an industry expert.
  • We provide the each class recordings and VMware training material. so, which can be helpful for you to refer at any point of your life time.
  • We conduct trainings at your convenient time.

We are Global Interactive Learning company started by proven industry experts with an aim to provide Quality Training in the latest IT Technologies.

vmware online training in india

Vmware onlilne Course Content

  • Introduction
  • Virtual Infrastructure Overview
  • ESX-4. 1 Host Installation & Configuration Administration
  • vCenter-4. 1 Installation & Configuration Administration
  • Linked Mode Administration
  • vCenter Server Administration
  • Network Administration
  • vSwitch Network Administration
  • DvSwitch Network Administration
  • Storage Administration
  • Virtual Machine Administration
  • Cloning & Templates Administration
  • Guided Consolidation Administration
  • VMware Converter Enterprise Administration
  • Cluster Administration
  • Host Profiles Administration
  • Resource Pool Administration
  • DRS Cluster Administration (Distributed Resource Scheduler)
  • vApp Configuration & Deployment Administration
  • HA Cluster Administration (High Availability Protection)
  • Fault Tolerance Administration
  • Performance Monitoring Administration
  • Hardware Status Monitoring
  • Data Recovery Administration
  • Security Administration
  • Security Profile Administration
  • Firewall Security Administration
  • vCenter Schedules Administration
  • Alarms Administration
  • Access Control Administration
  • Events & Logs Administration
  • Update Manager Administration
  • vShield Zones Administration
  • vShield App Administration
  • vShield Edge Administration
  • vShield Endpoint Administration
  • VMDirectPath Administration
  • OpenFiler VirtualSAN Installation & Configuration
  • EMC2 Navisphere VirtualSAN simulator Installation & Configuration
  • Cisco Nexus1000v Centralized Networking switch Installation & Configuration
  • vSphere Management Assistant Administration
  • VMware ESX/ ESXi Host Design Administration
  • VMware vSphere Network Design Administration
  • VMware vSphere Storage Design Administration
  • VMware Virtual Machine Design Administration
  • VMware vSphere Management Design Administration

Where we are ?

We are on online, we offer this Vmware online training for people across the world. We had taught people in US, UK, London, Canada, India,singapore,netherlands , washington, Hyderabad, bangalore, malaysia and many other countries/cities.