Selenium online training Hyderabad

Aurora provide best selenium online training Hyderabad.We are Global Interactive Learning company started by proven industry experts with an aim to provide Quality Training in the latest IT Technologies.

selenium online training hyderabad

It is easy to learn the selenium, if you follow the structured and tested training roadmap with milestones to compare your progress on a timeline. At Aurora selenium online training hyderabad,the instructor keeps a sharp eye on your progress and assigns extra attention to students who are in need of it.


Course Content

o Introduction to Testing
o Introduction to Automation Testing
o Types of Automation Tools
 Functionality Testing Tools
 Performance Testing Tools
 Test Management Tools
o Introduction to Selenium.
 What is Selenium.
 What is the use of selenium.
 When selenium can be useful in testing.
 Features of Selenium.
 What is the difference between Selenium and QTP.
o Selenium Components.
 Selenium IDE.
 Selenium RC.
 Selenium Grid.
o Downloading selenium IDE From Mozilla.
 Recording the scripts.
 Running the scripts.
 How to Save the recording script.
 Object Identification.
 Difference between Testcase and test suit.
 Languages supported while Recording.
 Synchronization in Selenium IDE.
 Testing Vs Selenium IDE
 When to use Selenium IDE
 How to run the recorded script against other browsers.
 Why companies are not using recodrding tools.
o Creating the Environment for Selenium RC.
 Creating the generic scripts in selenium.
 Creating the scripts by using functions.
 Running the scripts in Eclipse.
 Inheritance
 Browser commands with examples.
 Interactive commands with examples.
 Information commands with examples.
 Validation commands with examples.
 How to take data from excel sheets.
o Why should we use excel sheets.
 How to take large no of data from excel sheets.
 How to export data to an excel sheets.
 Export large no of data to an excel sheet.
 How to export results after completion of execution the script.
 How to use Eclipse.
 Debugging the scripts.
 Maintaining the synchronization points.
 How to handle Popups and alert messages.
o Developing the reusable script for any project.
o Automation life cycle.
o Validations.
 What is Validation?
 What is the use of validations in Automation testing?
 When we use validations in Realtime project.
 How to use Validations.
o Framework.
 What is Framework?
 Types of Frameworks.
 What is modular framework?
 What is DataDriven framework?
 What is Keyword driven framework?
 What is Hybrid framework?
 Use of Framework.
o Object repository.
 What is object repository?
 How to use object repository in framework.
 What is the use of maintain Object repository.
 Types of creating object repository.
o Result Analysis.
o Interview questions.

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