SAP EP – Enterprise Portal

SAP EP Online training Hyderabad

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SAP EP Online training

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Course Content

Module 1: Overview

Brief overview of SAP
Overview of SAP Netweaver and EP
Motivation for Portals and need for SAP EP

Module 2: Technical Infrastructure

SAP Enterprise Portal installation
SAP NW Architecture
Portal Framework, Portal Runtime, Portal Services.
Building Blocks of SAP EP
SAP Enterprise Portal Architecture

Module 4: User Management

Overview and Architecture
User Management Engine
User Management Tools

Module 5: Portal Security

Security Concepts
Introduction to Authentication
Authorization Concepts
Single Sign On
Network Security

Module 6: Portal Platform Content

Content Object Model
Portal Content
Portal Content Catalog
Portal Content Studio
Object relations: Delta Links and copies
Working with iViews and Pages
Working with Worksets and Roles
Delegated Content Administration
Introduction to business packages
Design Changes and Branding

Module 7: Connectors

Portal Landscape
SAP Java Connector
Configuring of Java connector (JCO)
Integrating SAP systems

Module 8: Knowledge Management & Collaboration

Understanding Knowledge Management
Content Management (CM)
Search and Classification (TREX)
Collaboration & Unification Overview
Collaboration Rooms (CR)
Real Time collaboration
EP Development Contents

Module 10: SAP Java development environment

Sap Net Weaver developer studio
SAP Component Model

Module 11: Web dynpro Introduction

Introduction to Web Dynpro Architecture
Web dynpro Tools
MVC-the roots of Web dynpro
Life cycle of web dynpro

Module 12: The context structure at Design time

Types of nodes
The structure of context
Context mapping
Internal mapping

Module 13: The context structure at runtime

The typed context API
The Generic Context API